El Shaddai Prayer and Deliverance Center - Apostle Pauline A. Brown
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"I  am not a regular member of El Shaddai Prayer & Deliverance Center; however, I do consider myself part of the ministry. I live on the east coast, but make several business trips to the Los Angeles area each year and attend during each trip. I love this church for several reasons. I thank God for the church slogan "It's not about your clothes but your soul". I am a firm believer that God is not interested in our clothes; he's interested in our hearts. I love that the Word of God is being taught, not personal beliefs and opinions. At this church, you are required to have your bible and read the Word of God as it is being taught. The people are like a big family and the church has a large children's ministry - a sure sign of life and growth in a church. Here's my experience with this church: As you enter the sanctuary, you feel the presence of the Lord; the atmosphere is thick with praise. It is apparent that the presence of the Lord is there before you enter in, as the Praise and Worship Ministry has been kneeling in his presence ushering him in. You get caught up into this great expectancy, this feeling that something miraculous is going to happen..you feel it, it surrounds you, and inside yourself your spirit is so excited you can barely contain it. Even after the praise and worship ends, the Word of God holds you captive. With guidance from the Holy Spirit, the pastor expresses in words and demonstration, the power of God's Word. These words are so simple, the demonstrations so easily comprehended that even the children present understand. Then you begin to understand that this word is for you, that this is that miracle that you had been waiting for all along. God has spoken to you through His Word. You have just experienced God on a new and different level - not in a place you'd expect either. You are not sitting in a church with stained glass windows and beautifully appointed pews, but you received your deliverance in a place where God spirit is present. I challenge you to meet God at this place!"
Paula "Lynnie" Daniels
"I love El Shaddai. I like to see 'people get prayed!'"
Dasja Thomas, Age 8
"El Shaddai Prayer and Deliverance Center has truly changed my life. Pastor Brown is a phenomonal teacher with a heart for people. We are being taught the word, learning to trust God in every situation, knowing and understanding that God has the last say so no matter what. And in all things give thanks!"
Cheryl Thomas
"By the grace of God my soul has been saved from drugs and alcohol. I also had open-heart surgery, two strokes, and a few broken bones. Through it all, God has delivered me with a healthy mind and spirit. May all praise be to the glory of God. Thank God for El Shaddai!"
Rita Brown
"Pastor Pauline Brown has true compassion for people and community. It isn't often that a pastor is willing to cover every aspect of human existence, especialy when it comes to taboo topics that many religious leaders fear discussion. In this REAL world, we need REAL leaders that aren't scared to go against the grain and ruffle some feathers to get God's people educated about life. The book of Hosea states 'My people perish for a lack of knowledge...' and Pastor Brown has taken that passage to heart and determined within herself to make El Shaddai a place for the people to come and be taught, empowered, and elevated. At El Shaddai you will learn more than just how to have church, you will learn to live."
Min. Donta Morrison
"I truly thank God for El Shaddai Prayer and Deliverance Center. I know God is a deliverer, a protector, a provider, and all that you need Him to be. Since I have been in this ministry, I know how to give God all the glory and that He is real in my life. Without a doubt, I know I cannot make it without him. He has delivered me from alcohol abuse, fornication, and he healed my body. When I was down, he showed up right on time. Believe me, through the ministry, you will truly be blessed...come out and see about El Shaddai Prayer and Deliverance Center! God is real!"
Charlayne Browe
"Pastor Pauline is awesome! She is truly and angel on earth sent from the Father. Going through the struggles in life as we all do, my attendance at this church made me turn negatives into positives and know. I do know that everything happens for a reason. Pastor Brown helps you also understand the Word of God and breaks it down in common terms. Looking to hear a good Word, and feel the power of the Lord, visit El Shaddai. You will love it."
Kellie Williams
"About two years ago, the Lord allow me to dream. In the dream, I saw this ministry on some type of airplane that was in take-off mode headed straight up...I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, 'Don't get left behind.' Well, I made sure I had my ticket, and ever since then, I've experienced straight-up movement not only in the burch, but in the lives of others including my own. The true, down to earth, animated, and entertaining teaching God has placed in Pastor Brown, the world needs to hear it. So stop by, grab your ticket, and experience the straight up lift off God has in this ministry."
Rickey Powell
"El Shaddai Prayer and Delverance Center is dynamic! This ministry is compassionate and purpose driven for Gods people to be set free and delivered. To live out the life that God has purpose just for you. I attended a revival one night and my life has completely changed as a result; and is in the direction that God has planned for me. I thank God for their practical teaching, prayers, worship team, and more... that has such an impact on my life..... I support their vision and mission.....God is doing great things in this ministry and I encourage every beliver to become a partner today."
K. Washington
"God has done wonderful things for me through El Shaddai Prayer and Deliverance Center. I thank God for the Pastor as she allows God to use her to teach His word in the simplest form where it is understood. I have been taught how to believe and trust God and how to be kept through the teachings of the Word. I have been healed, delivered, and set free from destruction. Sometimes we don't realize that we are in bondage until we are taught the truth through the word of God right from wrong. This is being taught at El Shaddai how to live an abundant life through Jesus and obtaining God's favor. I love when the Pastor says, '...and the Just shall live by Faith...'"
Jolynn Cooper
"I was being healed from cancer and I attended a service at El Shaddai and a word of comfirmation was spoken that I would be healed, less than a month later God did just that. Thanks for the word."
Rev. Jesse Shields
"I thank and praise God for El Shaddai Prayer and Deliverance Center becuase I have been taught how to give God true worship. Pastor Brown makes the Word of God come to life and so simple that even a child will understand it."
L. Powell
"Through El Shaddi, I have been blessed by the real presence of God & His spirit, as He sends His wonderful spirit every Sunday, and also during bible study and prayer service. God is real and as a dedicated member I invite you to visit. I guarantee you will feel the realness of God! From gangs, to drugs, to prison, God has delivered me. Born in South Central Los Angeles, CA and raised in Carson, CA. I was shot, stabbed & ran over by a van, but God brought me through. I did close to 10 years in prison, was an alcoholic at age 13...Need I say more? I know God is real! dont lose your soul! "
Leonard Brown
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